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Delivering Healthcare Worldwide

Since its founding in 2001, Sourena Teb Bartar Co. ltd. (STB) has worked directly with Iranian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers enabling them to sell thier products internationally.

Our partenership with these manufacturers gives us access to an extensive portfolio of pharmaceuticals produced in Iran.

STB holds two licenses from Ministry of Commerce of Iran and an export license from the Ministry of Health of Iran, permitting us to export the Iranian pharmaceutical products to any countries which our market is desirable in.

As a result of our close relationships with leading Iranian pharmaceutical manufacturers and other Iranian wholesale companies, we can supplu most pharmaceutical products made in Iran.

STB is always looking for new business opportunities. For Iranian pharmaceutical manufacturers looking to expand internationally, please contact us to explore marketing possibilities.

We realize certain Iranian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers may be interested to have a Joint Venture contract or Transfer Technology with forreign manufacturers to start the production of the products in their manufacturing plant.

Please contact us with any question about forming a strategic alliance with our company.


Sourena Teb Bartar Co. Ltd.

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