Sourena Teb Bartar Company

A- Pharmaceuticals:

Sourena Teb Bartar Co. works according to national and international guidelines and
rules. We have GDP, WDA and drug permits to import, store, export and distribute
drugs. We work from a modern and climate-controlled facility in Tehran that allows faster
and smoother access to IKA airport and courier companies that reach the whole world.
Our staff is trained in the management of drugs with accuracy and always takes into
account special factors such as temperature, moisture, lead time and more. We handle
medicines that require everything from room, cooling and freezing temperatures,
cytostatic and drugs that require special control daily. For stored medicines, we have a
stop time on orders no later than 4 pm daily, which means that orders that arrive before
that time are handled, packaged and sent away the same day. Drugs that require import
need a little longer and the delivery can normally be counted 3–4 working days.
For understanding about the available pharmaceutical products you can visit the product
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